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Creating Healthy Habits

We all have bad habits we want to break, right? We beat ourselves up for doing things we know are bad for our bodies, minds and and may even negatively affect those around us. Then why is it so hard to break those bad habit? It’s because we frame them in the negative. “I’ve got to stop biting my nails.” “I need to quit snacking when I’m not hungry.” “I shouldn’t be so lazy.” STOP, QUIT, SHOULDN’T! Your brain does not know the difference between “should and shouldn’t,” “do,” and “don’t.” It just hears lazy, snacking, bite your nails… you get the idea.

What if we re-frame our thoughts? What if we decide to start new, good habits that would naturally replace our old, bad habits ? Starting good habits naturally leads to a more positive self-image and self-confidence. We can choose to dwell on the positive instead of the negative and give ourselves a head start to success!

Here’s a simple example: Want to stop biting your nails? Consider starting a new habit of giving yourself a quick daily or weekly manicure! Or splurge and have a professional do it! Your hands will look  better and you’ll be able to see progress as your nails grow stronger and healthier.

So… how do we start new, healthy habits? Here are some tips from the experts!

FIND YOUR WHYhealthy habits

Why do you want to start the new habit? What are the benefits you’ll get from making this new, healthy habit a part of your daily life? Identifying your ‘why’ is the most important step. You’ll need to remember these reasons when you feel like giving up, if you slip up and go back to an old habit, or if you don’t see the kind of results you were hoping for as soon as you expected.

PLANNINGhealthy habits

In order to make something new a part of your everyday life, you’ve got to plan for it! Add it to your daily schedule. Include your ‘why’ with your calendar reminder to help motivate you to stick with it! Have a plan to outsmart your excuses!

ACCOUNTABILITYhealthy habits

Tell others about your new habit and your ‘why.’ Ask them to help hold you accountable and to remind you of your ‘why’ when you’re struggling. Offer to do the same for them. You may inspire them to start a new, healthy habit with you!

GET STARTEDhealthy habits

Just do it! The only way to start a new habit is to do just that… START! The more often you do it, the faster it will become a habit. Maybe you don’t think you have time? How much time is spent doing things like looking at social media or watching TV? Are those activities getting you closer to or further away from your goals? Can you shave a few minutes off those activities and use that time for what you really want to accomplish?
When you feel like giving up, always go back to your why and reach out to those who are holding you accountable. As long as you don’t quit, you’re still making progress toward a new, healthy habit!
Do you have a new, healthy habit you’ve started? I’d love to know what it was and how you did it! 


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