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Who Are You Anyway?

Who are you

Who Are You Anyway?

I reached a breaking point after my divorce and needed to answer this looming question, “Who the heck am I?”.  I felt like my identity as wife and partner was surgically removed, leaving an empty space that needed filling if I was going to thrive, not merely survive. When you’ve spent your adult life being “the other half” of a couple, and then suddenly there’s just you… what do you do? A lot of soul searching, worrying, asking questions, digging deep and being honest with yourself. It was  scary, so it was time to dig deep and find out who the heck I am!

Who Are You

I knew I had to start creating my own identity so I looked back over my life, into my childhood, to figure out what my strengths were; what moved and motivated me. I had the rest of my life to plan for, and I wasn’t going to waste it! Looking back, I knew I was competitive, loved making new friends, helping others and finding unique ways to earn money. Can you say “lemonade stand?” I yearned to find something that would incorporate all these things so I could be true to who I am, re-discover my strengths and fulfill me for the rest of my life.

I found my passion by starting my own home business. Who knew? This fed my entrepreneurial spirit, allowed me to fulfill my competitive drive and allowed me the opportunity to be a mentor to others. It’s been a wild, rewarding, insightful ride! I’ve met so many amazing people who’ve  become close friends. I’ve enjoyed pushing myself to reach amazing goals and am earning my own income! The feelings of accomplishment, self-reliance, freedom, identity and gratitude,  priceless!

who are you


What About You?

Does this story sound familiar? Maybe you’re an empty nester and need something to fill a void. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who loves being “Mom”  but you miss “you.” Maybe you’re longing to re-create an identity beyond wife and mother. Maybe you’re retired and want to keep yourself relevant and inspired. Now is the time to ask yourself, “Who am I anyway, and what do I want?”

  1. How do I spend my free time?
  2. If money was no object, or if I didn’t ‘have’ to earn money what would I do?
  3. What lights you up inside?
  4. What are you interested in?
  5. What did you dream of being and doing as a child?
  6. Ask five friends what your greatest strengths are.

Your answers will help you learn who you yearn to be and become. See your strengths and talents, and start nurturing your identity by looking for opportunities in these areas, as a new career, a hobby or volunteering. There are many possibilities! Take that leap and be who YOU are!

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